USS Sylvania

Our reunion group is open for
"All Hands" of the 
USS Sylvania from 1964 to 1994, including all helicopter groups - HC-6, Det. 97 and the WW II USS Sylvania (AKA-44).

  John D. Pierce
3093 Kissing Rock SE Lowell , MI 49331
Home Phone
(616) 897-5178
Cell Phone
(517) 927-3312

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Thank you to Jim Petersen
for sending the images of the patch and crest in memory of his father,
CW04 R. J. "Pete" Petersen,
Plank Holder,
First Ship's Boatswain



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We took a lot of extra effort to locate crew members, plus printed and mailed 700 newsletters, but to reduce printing cost and postage we will only send the Chatter to those expressing an interest.  From now on, we will send the Chatter Newsletter  to those responding to the postcard inquiry to be sent late 2009 regarding the 2010 reunion.  During the past several years, approximately 200 people have responded to the mail out postcard announcement requesting information on the next reunion.  We will gather names, addresses and new telephone area codes of former crew members before we send out future Sylvania Chatter Newsletters to them.

Chatter Articles & News
It is up to you to furnish John Pierce information, memories and comments from our experience aboard the Sylvania for our web site or a Chatter Newsletter.  
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Share what you have been doing since serving on the Sylvania that you would like to include for publication in the newsletter.  Send these bits to John Pierce. We need your comments to make the Chatter Newsletter more interesting.

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