USS Sylvania

Our reunion group is open for
"All Hands" of the 
USS Sylvania from 1964 to 1994, including all helicopter groups - HC-6, Det. 97 and the WW II USS Sylvania (AKA-44).

  John D. Pierce
3093 Kissing Rock SE Lowell , MI 49331
Home Phone
(616) 897-5178
Cell Phone
(517) 927-3312

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Add $3.00 for shipping and handling, and include your shirt size!!

1.  We have in stock the USS Sylvania (AFS-2) First Med Cruise T-shirts
($16 XXL and $14 other sizes).  This T-shirt is for crew members who served on the
First Sylvania Med Cruise April 25, 1965 to September 30, 1969 .

2.  GENERIC USS Sylvania (for all dates) golf shirts with a collar and breast pocket. Inform us of interest of a generic (no year) Sylvania MED Cruise T-shirt to sell in future chatters!  The inscription of USS SYLVANIA is over the pocket.  Price is $26 for XXL and $24 for other sizes..

3.  AFS-2 coffee mugs, with grey lettering on a cobalt blue mug showing the U.S.S. Sylvania (AFS-2) seal/logo and a side view of Sylvania .  Price $13.

4.  AFS -2 ball cap - $15 and a cap with scrambled eggs is $17.


1.  USS Sylvania (AKA-44) WWII ball cap - $15 and one with scrambled eggs is $17.

2.  USS Sylvania (AKA-44) WWII golf shirt with a collar and breast pocket.  The inscription of USS SYLVANIA is over the pocket.  Price $24   for XXL is $ 26.


The WWII Sylvania golf shirt looks great and we are considering it as a sale item to all the crews.  It will have USS Sylvania inscribed on it with no ship class (AFS-2) or WWII. It looks like a Navy Academy style golf shirt with yellow collar and yellow striping on the sleeves. (A very classy shirt).  Price $24   for XXL is $ 26.

  We are considering it as a new sale item  a black ball cap with words NAVY on it  with the colored battle ribbons that the AFS-2  earned over its 30 year history for a price of $15.

  Respond by letting us know, if there is enough interest
we will produce it to sell these two new items.

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Write to John Pierce for these items,  please specify shirt sizes and
add $3.00 for shipping and
handling. Some shirt sizes may run out,
so we will order more when we have a large number of orders.